Authentic factory restoration to preserve your instrument's value.
Expert factory restoration to preserve your instrument's voice.

The true voice of any instrument is not realized by chance, but by the meticulous execution of the original manufacturer's vision. Here, the voice of a Blüthner piano is known as The Golden Tone; it is a cherished voice, beloved by Blüthner owners, professional musicians and renowned composers throughout five generations of Blüthner family ownership.

Blüthner Restoration services are available for Blüthner pianos of any age and design.  Our craftsmen are specialists in the nuances of every Blüthner instrument design ever made, and experts at bringing The Golden Tone back to life.  Many unique elements of your instrument design are only executed by Blüthner craftsmen in our factory in Leipzig, Germany. From the cylindrical crowned soundboard to the Blüthner patented 4th string Aliquot system, a factory restoration gives you the peace of mind that every detail of our Blüthner design is attended to.

For you, that means your instrument is in expert hands. Blüthner owners around the world, as well as leading musical instrument museums and historical institutions, place their trust in the experience accumulated here for over a century. All work performed on your Blüthner instrument is completed at the Julius Blüthner Pianofortefabrik using the same parts, tools and processes we have perfected over the last 150 years. Upon completion, each fully restored instrument is documented with an official Blüthner Certificate of Factory Restoration, signed by a member of the Blüthner family.

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